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After a first career working with satellite imagery for the defense, intelligence and environmental sectors (including 10 years as CEO of a high technology software company), Carey was yearning to get back to work that was more creative, personal and tangible. So he switched careers and decided to combine his love of entertaining, architecture, spectacle, travel, arts, and botanicals to help people create homes and gardens that are beautiful while still functional, inspiring yet comfortable, and at all levels fundamentally rejuvenating to the soul. 

Carey has worked with numerous talented people in the field while getting immersed in all aspects of design, ranging from managing the textiles department for one of the largest showrooms in the Boston Design Center to working for a high end design firm on Boston's prestigious Newbury Street. Carey is grateful for all the opportunities, tutelage and support that have made it possible for him to now operate his own design firm with such wonderful clients and partners.

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Carey Erdman, Principal Designer
(Photo by Jodi-Tatiana Charles)
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